Zenfolio's Shopping Experience - Quite simply as easy as it gets:

I tested the process myself for prints that are now hanging out on my walls as well as for a creation of my own which I purchased and offered a friend as a birthday present.

  • The delivery was quick
  • The quality is amazing (see some samples by clicking 'here')


Below are some more details about the overall experience:



There are currently two price lists assigned to each and every one of the images on the site. My work spans a few years and different cameras with resolutions so I tried to reflect a fair price for all available products. There is a lot of effort producing these images and setting up this site so hopefully you’ll enjoy the photographs on display as well as the entire site experience. 


Choose your location

Various products are offered by our partners depending on your location. Please choose your location, currency and units in the product catalog.



  • Mpix Lab & MpixPro – – located in the US and ships to the US and Canada.
  • One Vision Imaging – located in the UK and ships worldwide, except the US and Canada
  • Photobox – has multiple locations in the European Union and ships worldwide, except for the US and Canada
  • Imagine Your Photos (IYP) – located in the US and ships worldwide.


More information about Zenfolio’s other integrated partners.


Sufficient image size for printing

When ordering prints and photo products it is important to have sufficient image size. 

Zenfolio's vendors have different requirements, depending on which product you select. However, Zenfolio does all the work for you as it uses a built-in feature that will alert you during the ordering process if the photo you are ordering have an insufficient image size for the product you have chosen. Should this happen, you may simply want to select a slightly smaller size.

No need to worry, simply make sure you don’t see any of these alerts during the order process and you should be absolutely fine.


Return Policy

Zenfolio is responsible for all sales of photographic products through this website. If you are unsatisfied with your order in any way, please contact Zenfolio support



Downloading Digital Products

I offer a great variety of products but digital downloads are becoming more and more accepted by consumers because you may only need the digital file or simply because you wish to frame the artwork yourself.

Very precise licenses have been created for these downloads so you should find exactly what you want, be it pricing for personal use or for wider distribution.

Once a digital photo is purchased, the system generates the file to be downloaded on to your computer.


The size and number of photos you purchased will determine how long it will take the system to prepare the download for you.

Here are some instructions to download the images once you have purchased your digital photos



Commercial and Digital Licensing

All photographs on this website can be licensed for your editorial or commercial applications.

  • One-time printed use (no online publishing). Allowing the right to reproduce the purchased image on up to 100 copies of a single printed article.
  • Unlimited online use (no printing). Allowing unlimited rights to use the purchased image online only; not allowed to print.
  • Royalty-free commercial use (national or worldwide). Allowing royalty-free rights to use the purchased image for any purpose, for profit or otherwise.
  • Royalty-free personal use (no printing). Allowing use of the purchased image for personal purposes only and not for profit.